Kamran Babrak, 2016, Pakistan

Metallic bonding of humans

The bonding connection of metals to humans is as old as the birth of first human being. Iron (Fe) in the blood links to the system that channels energy. The stronger conducting qualities of metal in the blood are, the greater energy it receives. Atomic states of metals like Au or Ag have more magical properties than any other metal due to their high conductivity. These bonds of blood are universal and make every human being naturally equal to other human beings, unify people more effectively than any language. It is a collective shared experience in the code of our blood. Relating to this, my work explores the bonding connection of a human body within the traditions of Corpus. It further expands its claim to see and explore human bonds recognised through common sharing and use of precious and non-precious metals in daily life, traditionally as well as collectively, through craft, through techniques, through using objects, through self-adornment, and through commonly recognised ideas.

Copper, 16×12×4cm