Aric Verrastro, 2016, USA


I have recently been displaced from living in a city, which has left emptiness in my life. The creation of each piece has become a method to fill the void and a reflection of the many aspects of city life. The forms are architectural, modular, constructed from steel, becoming allegorical representations of the energy of a thriving, vibrant environment. The variations of forms show diversity and are linked to concepts of dancing lights and the beautiful musical chaos in the streets. Steel is painted with vibrant colours giving vitality to the cold, hard material. Stitching softens the hard-edged forms creating a sense of comfort and approachability paralleling my nostalgia for city life. The thread acts as a metaphorical timeline of an individual’s pathway meandering through the busy streets. Each break in the thread signifies a person amongst the many. The human body completes the piece of jewellery as people fill and give life to architectural spaces, expressing the vitality and connection I feel towards the urban human experience.

Mixed media, 10×12×7cm