Anneli Oppar, 2016, Estonia

Silent action 1

I act because I want to understand the relationship between metal and a person. Situations that are in permanent progress lose their familiarity and become unknown and strange. For some reason, these situations keep appearing and they are never fully understandable. Therefore, I feel a need for intervention.

My relationship with metal is rather careful. I want to preserve the features that the material already possesses. For example, if the surface of the material is about to collapse, I try to avoid destruction. I feel my presence at this moment. My actions make deformation happen, but it can also happen without my inter- vention. My task is not about changing something, but adding something. This way, I make a connection with nature. So my presence, as an artist, is rather silent than loud by its nature.

Recycled aluminium, synthetic rope, 43×31×4cm