Ying-Hsien (Eunice) Kuo, 2016, UK


This project is dedicated to people who have ever struggled in love. Each metal ring represents a being. Due to gravity, the metal rings dropped further, gradually through time, their weight of the rings determines the speed at which they drop. Søren Kierkegaard’s ‘Theory of fall’, regarding anxiety, is delivered. Psychologist Robert Sternberg’s ‘Triangular theory of love’, regarding relationship, is symbolised as triangular metal units. The use of solid tape materialised the complex emotions that we have in an unpleasant relationship. Tape is representative of the mind in this state. It sticks to anything and in turn possesses. The minimal shape and the solidity of metal bring out the most fundamental characteristics of this material. This allows metal units to have some certain interactivity with the tape; rolling, falling, trimming and holding pieces are actions that link to its forms.

Bronze, sterling silver, adhesive tape, 14×3,5×12cm