Kamran Babrak, 2014, Pakistan


Being a corpus artist, my relation to metal is very direct and personal. For me metal is strong reference to traditional craft and corpus itself. However I work with interdisciplinary approach, and try to further explore the basic relationship between different techniques and materials in the field of craft. I tend to combine different materials and techniques together and hence challenge the agency of material, technique and process in the field of craft and build new forms of expressions through different layers of techniques and materials together.

Through my work I question the possibilities of developing new meanings and interpretations of corpus objects in the field of contemporary craft. It investigates if the perception of corpus objects can be changed by altering the material or their formal aesthetics. Do we recognize the objects the same way if their form and function is altered? How does their meaning change and how can it be substituted? I try to explore what lies in an object beyond its function.

Glazed ceramic, copper