Brice Garrett, 2016, USA

You, the Possessed (1.1-1.4)

Using metal and production processes as the conceptual foundation, the work attempts to negotiate between contemporary and traditional ideologies of reproduction, economy, productivity and value within the lens jewellery. Through the material, I navigate personal conundrums between efficiency and authenticity.

A mould is a tool with a single function to reproduce the nega- tive cavity bonded within. After each cast, I carve and deconstruct the mould, destroying its single purpose. The pieces evolve and a new body emerges, removing the traces of the original object.

Jewellery, being a relational aesthetic, is rooted on the body yet maintains a fundamental mobility within the physical world embodying the intimate, the public, and the social. Through the cathartic deconstruction and manifesting into jewellery, they become extensions of our bodies.

Silver, 4,4×3,8×0,7cm