Ramunė Jundaitė-Misevičienė, 2016, Lithuania

Flying I, II, III

A free, giant, weightless, filled with air, it is floating across the blue sky. It is on its journey through time, haunted by the childhood dream to fly up and melt in the sky. A floating hot air balloon makes you look up and this momentary vision, an experienced emotion, perceived as freedom, illusion and aspiration, is etched in your memory forever. It is this momentary vision that inspired the brooch collection Flying based on a conception that comes close to the perception of the object. The Flying objects in a sense become intermediaries between heaven and earth. They serve as a continuation of history, showing us how things might be. They represent the flight of the soul, the relationship with another realm beyond our sight. Lightness, volatility, and aspiration. These are connections that link us to the spiritual realm.

Silver, enamel, 4×2,5cm, 6×3cm