Ria Lins, 2016, Belgium


Amazement at interpersonal relationships and the adaptability to the diversity of our society are the threads that can be found throughout my work. Due to the weaving technique my pieces remind of old purses or chain armour. It feels historical and contemporary at the same time. People can feel the stories or shared experiences behind my work, even though they may not be aware of them. Once the piece is made, the memory has found its place, and there is no need to explain it or its details. As the piece is worn and shown, it will get its freedom of existence and enrichment.

Cuddle is really meant as a memorial piece. I was inspired by a story about a woman who kept pieces of fabric sewn in the hem of her dress as a way to remember someone who was deceased. One can also put small objects into Cuddle to remember someone.

Silver, silk thread, 50×4×8cm