Melis Agabigum, 2016, USA

Uroborus: your proposed fight goes both ways [I am wounded]

With each piece, I explore materiality and the physical or emotional connections that occur between body and jewellery. The notion of burden comes in many forms; there are regrets that weigh heavily on the soul, small fixations that develop into obsessions, emotional weights that stem from one person or are shared, and so forth. I view my work as forms that traverse the line between jewellery and sculpture. They are sculptural objects that can interact with space and with the individual through the physical connection when wearing. Burdens become a responsibility, and in a similar manner, making these forms becomes onus for me. The experience of repeating an action like crocheting flows from my responsibility to and for the objects. Ambiguous, skeletal-like vessels develop from the subconscious motions that my hands enact. The act of making becomes a ritual of giving and taking, resulting in a materialization of my emotional investments in fixating, obsessing, and working through a problem.

Mixed media