Rudee Tancharoen, 2016, Thailand

Temporary linked

What are you and me?
If not only a lump of dust, compressed with selfness, waiting for a day to disintegrate into fine dust again.
However, during our existence we suffer.
From desire to be and not to be, to have and not to have.
We struggle, fight, protect, sacrifice, find excuses to hate and to love.
This is how we are bonded to each other.
The bond is unavoidable but realising that the bond is only temporary, the selfness and suffering is avoidable.
Do you think, with harmony, two different entities can be together peacefully?
What if harmony is not the key, but a trap?
Searching for harmony is not different from searching for another identical pair.
Not only about the objects but our human society as well.
If being together peacefully is the goal, then “being together peacefully”, with or without harmony, is the key.

Silver, dust, 20×35×1cm