Babette Von Dohnanyi, 2014, Germany

Noun Fluo

I began my education and training as a silversmith. But very soon I discovered the beauty of connecting different metals and materials. Thus I frequently make use of the special qualities and particularities of gold, silver, brass, copper and even steel.

These different metals have in the beginning as sheets a stiffer and stronger character, but they turn more softly when they are made ever thinner. To know these particular characteristics of each metal and make artistic use of them became a new experience in my work. It was a challenge and a chance at the same time because every kind of metal reacts in its own way to the artist’s work and permits different expressions. It is my experience that gold- and silversmiths should know these different characteristics of metals they use in order to achieve optimal results in their artwork. It is a certain sensibility for the different qualities and individual features of each kind of metal which I have tried to develop, because for the artist the „working metals“ have their own life.

Silver black plated, flourit stone, stainless steel