Valeria Dowding, 2014, Argentina

Multiple (ring)

Shibuichi technique.
I was always fascinated by modes of expression that can involve most of the senses. Creating jewels in metal opened for me the possibility to combine several things: the exploration of metals and the pleasure of discovering its reactions in reply to different possible interventions (made by hand with intention, with tools, with fire; or by accident or chance and impossible to repeat voluntarily). To discover its qualities, of hardness, ductility, change of state, color, textures… is a very magical and sensual exploration. To follow this path until the final result is, in this case, to reach the object-jewel. Anything can act as a trigger; the starting point can be a wave, a map, a constellation, a plant, a sand dune, an axe or an eel… What fascinates me is the process in itself – the act of “making” this object or jewel – independently from the final result. The final result also has something unexpected, surprising and unique for me.

Copper/silver alloy