Robyn Galway, 2014, Ireland

Precious I, II, III

Coming from a technical background my relationship with metal is a comfortable one. After a repetitive process it can become almost predictable, this reliability can be reassuring; however after recently starting to work with pewter, I once again found it to be quite an unpredictable experience. Due to pewter’s low melting point I have had some spontaneous results which have rekindled my love and curiosity in metal. As a conceptual material it lends itself well to questions and statements of value and protection. Strong and traditional in materiality it is recognizable, comforting buyers/viewers as they know its durable reputation. This body of work questions the value of preciousness. Using silver plated safety pins and pewter with sentimental childhood objects, I ask where the value lies within these pieces.

Plastic toys, silver plated safety pin, pewter