Romualdas Inčirauskas, 2014, Lithuania


It was a strong desire to get selected to the second international biennial of contemporary metal art “METALLOphone: Personally” that made me to keep to strict requirements and criteria. At least I really did my best in keeping to one of them, namely to “meet technical requirements of the exhibition”: the work of art contains precisely 50% of metal, its size is exactly 50 x 50 cm, the time of making and all other parameters are perfectly met. Concerning the text, I’ll try to fit within the limit of 200 words. I’d answer the question “Why metal” by asking another question: “And how could I do without it?”. It is my daily bread. And there’s nothing here that would “inspire” or “expire”. At sixteen I learned to turn bolts. Then for nine years I studied special metal arts. And for the rest of my life it’s been my work, involving some teaching of others sometimes. When I had to name this piece of art, I remembered my late father in law, an old locksmith. He wasn’t too good in genres of art and so he called my works of art (nowadays critics would call them “objects”) “metalmongery”. So thanks to him this piece of art is called “METALMONGERY”.

Aluminium, bronze, other materials