Urmas Lüüs, 2014, Estonia

Autumn ball II

Cat is walking in the other room. Grandmother. Old house. Floor is making a weird sound. Something cooks in the white enameled pot. Pot has a rose pattern. Toilet is in the garden. Smell of moisture, old human, cat and fresh dill. Evening. Big house, Small apartment. Grey concrete. No hope to get a new job. No money. Bottle of vodka and old broken enameled pot full of cheap pasta. Someone is shouting in the corridor. War. Dead people, Repulsive stench. Moment to have a rest. Fog. Inevitable future. No future. Only a moment. Food. Hot black tea with a lot of sugar in brown enamelled mug. Cold and wet air. Some airplanes are coming.

Recycled old enameled pot, steel wire