Andrzej Boss, 2014, Poland


I work in silver. In creation of jewellery it is my basic material. This metal has its own history and meaning. New meanings can be created while searching and combining new forms and materials. In usage of different materials my objective is to comment our reality. Precious materials make the message more precious. Working with material helps us realize its and ours limitations. New technologies including 3D programs break barriers. New forms can be created, that were nonexecutable previously. Before long, this method of production will dominate the market. Handicraft always had its own niche. Perhaps now it is the time when it becomes fully appreciated.

Direct contact with material is essential. The way of usage is often prompted by the material itself. Choice of technology and process of execution quite often alter the initial projects. Confrontation of original vision and the final product is always intriguing. Silver can appeal in many different ways. It is constant study and cultivation of your own language of expression.

Silver, silicone, steel cable, pins