Sandra Malaškevičiūtė, 2014, Lithuania

Daily sweeps 1, 2, 3

First time when I and a friend of mine went to Telšiai to see what sort of art school was there, we stopped at the notice board to browse for specialties. We traveled there without any special preference; the only thing that mattered was to study arts. Therefore we stood there and read the list:
“Knitting?” “Nope” “Wood?” “Nope” “Metal?” “Yeah!!! Cool!!!”
We did not really understand what it was and treated it as some kind of a joke. And so we laughed and raised our hands showing sign of the horns (like metalheads do) and headbanged. The name of the specialty sounded cool. So let’s enter. And even today I treat metal as some kind of trick of fortune. I do not overestimate it. Metal is just a material I can apply in my creative work. To me, a yarn wrapped around a finger is also jewelry.

Aluminium galvanized wire and other materials