Aurelija Šimkutė-Endriekė, 2014, Lithuania


In metal various experiences take shape and movement. Or on the contrary, a thought stiffens in a silhouette or a face of the being. Direct opposite of reticence is opening up (all works are keen to open up). Face turned forward is a sign of benevolence. Lack of communication is one of the demons of the modern times: we are getting lonelier and distanced in a virtual world, surrounding our separate lives with virtual walls. The roles in this material performance are distributed according to color and plastic qualities. Color is needed in order to fulfill the idea and to achieve the desired effect. Here valuable are qualities of the materials and their steadfastness, not precious metal alloys and their hallmark. In the objects, gold details look like clay, bronze /silver look like ceramics; even cut diamonds are well hidden. An anthropomorphic being is smiling as it treads radiance of the diamond under its limb /foot. The value of a work of art is determined not by its material but by the idea and expression of the work of art.

Silver plated bronze, diamonds, flock, magnets