Serena Holm, 2014, Sweden


That art was where I wanted to be was an early discovery. The kind of media that was the right one for me became immediately clear once I first experimented working in metal. Metals have the properties I was looking for in my search for a media fitting my temperament. A firm but flexible material. Forgeable in infinitive ways, it never stops to surprise and astonish me with its power and beauty. It challenges me to improve my patience and rewards my efforts letting my jewelry dreams become true.

In metals I am able to reach very complex forms, as I can take advantage of the possibility to work on it when it is solid as well as when it is liquid. It provides the whole rainbow-palette using fire, chemicals, enamels or setting stones to it. It reflects the light or retains it depending on which structures I give to its surface using different technics and tools. I am a curious and restless soul, metal forging makes me happy.

Antique porcelain dolls, torch fired glass, mirror, silver