Putte Helene Dal, 2018, Norway

Something is missing

The starting point of my jewelry is in objects I find, old as well as new. I look for the potential in mass produced things through a play with associations and function based on the forms, to then combine the different part so they get a new content and another context. In my artistic work I explore jewelry as meaningful and reflective wearables on the personal level, and as comments of our society.

Latitudes is a subtle comment on the Artic as an area we need to focus on because of climate changes and the very high risk of environmental damages by exploiting the resources in a very vulnerable nature. The «needle» can be understood as a pointer or as a pin to break the silence. Something is missing is a subtle comment on the ice that is melting in the Artic. On piece is «sliced» of the map (and physically in the metal), the mini letter knife indicates human involvement. Dumping refers to how we as society discard us of people we do not want (e. x refugees, drug addicts, beggars), but also the personal feeling of being dumped in a relationship or dumped/ fired from a job. The figure is sitting on a seat that can be turned around to different angles. This piece was made to ARKIVET’S (artist group I am part of) project, Worthless.