Patricia Domingues, 2020, Portugal

Imagined erosion

Humans and landscape have always been intrinsically connected to each other. The representation of a landscape is always a reconstructed image, a vehicle for different perceptions of immensity. In this way, a panoramic landscape picture can reveal the inside of a mountain, while a single fragment of a landscape can also represent the whole. Through processes of fragmentation the work mimics an imaginary relationship between the movements, patterns, and rhythms found in nature. On a small, controlled scale, blocks of artificial nature are broken and reunited with the idea of recreating an image of a landscape. The jewellery pieces form a link between the immense and the detail, and present a way to bring a grand-scale aspect of nature into the intimate realm of the human body. The resulting pieces are fractures, inscribed in a landscape which develops and liberates through the will of control and simultaneous release.