Nelly van Oost, 2022, France / Belgium

Monreal (series “City”)

The city is always changing, always becoming. It is the link between yesterday, tomorrow and today.
Do we adapt to it or does it adapt to us? Who creates it? Who suffers it? Who loves it?
I have always been fascinated by Italo Calvino’s book “The Invisible Cities”. And when this theme was proposed, this book imposed itself on me. To feel my city, my cities, which have always been the places for my mutations and encounters.
To create jewellery with the open window and let myself be lulled by this absent silence, by the songs of the city.
Carrying and shaping a city when normally it is the city that carries and shapes us.
The “Cities” series speaks of urban univers and their contradictions.
Of the visible and the invisible.
Of love and hate.