Nathalie Perret, 2018, France

Expirantium Imagines

Expirantium Imagines: could be qualified as ‘images that die’. Indirect mirrors, in some way, of the degradation that time, inexorable, continues to produce on marble, stone, funerary grass. If not places them of a transfer, a metonymy of a time unstoppable and yet devoid of all will.

  • Stone – geological time – zero intention
  • Ceramics – craft time – commemorative intention
  • Plate – artistic time – negative intention

Objects, in all three cases, effect of a negativity that only the fact of supporting those objects, dropping their weight on the chest, as a memory and at the same time as a device to capture that time not directly visible (bitten , fissured, blurred) can, strictly speaking, make you feel.