Klara Brynge, 2022, Sweden

Land XII; Dream part I; Dream part II

When I move in a landscape it changes in a flow of images and forms. I make three dimensional drawings with smithing methods in metal; reliefs, lines and repetitions from landscapes on surfaces are ripped or stretched out. With blows from a hammer and punches shapes grow as the plasticity of the material allows it to move. A blank sheet of metal is empty of content, like a new paper, but has its physical properties, thickness, weight, resistance and transformability.
In the spaces between here and the distant fragments appear, pieces of unknown and known things. I search for conscious and unconscious ways of accessing those elements, forms, and transform them into material, thinking through making about places I saw. Places that are everywhere, cities, landscapes, interaction between spaces and circumstances meet and a specific place gets an identity. I move through and register.