Katarina Soposova, 2011, Slovakia

Not Gordian knot

In my collection I present a set of brooches which allude to the metaphor of knot. The brooches, connecting two different perspectives and substances, consist of two parts. A metal cast knot represents the powerful past that gave the city its superb character and atmosphere. The original knot, made of fabric, has become hard and stiff after being cast in metal and can no longer be undone. In contrast against the symbol of the past, there stands a cotton rope, which is fully flexible and soft. Its open structure represents the new, changing vibe of Vilnius. In the both parts of the brooches I used the same material, the cotton rope, which became a pattern for metal casting and the basic substance for the soft part of the brooches.

Silver black patina, brass-gold plated-black patina, aluminium-black patina