Karola Torkos, 2020, Germany

Ice cream cascade side

Karola Torkos’ methodology moves between finding conceptual form in jewellery and including the ordinary with playfulness as the major inspiration for her ideas. Her main focus is on sequences, abstract shapes, and colourfulness in and of itself. Karola Torkos creates pieces that reflect her ongoing fascination with changeable jewellery and the concept of the body having ‚perceptive capabilities’. Her neckpieces are reversible with no back or front; so one good side is always turned towards the wearer’s body. The wearer decides what to put on show, placing the last part of the design process in their hands. Another main aspect of Torkos’ ‚playground’ is the unlimited experimentation with day-today items and materials. Those articles offer a predefined, typed or even standardised reality that is challenged and commented on, releasing seemingly endless possibilities of design.