Julia Obermaier, 2022, Germany


In the labyrinth of the intangible.
Depths not comprehensible, dark and yet so bright.
Safe and embraced. Warmth.
Walls draw up, sheltering shadows.
You feel touched. Spellbound.
Narrow alleys, shelter
Lean back. In – Out. Silence. Thoughts dance.
Warmth. Security and well–being.
Treasure rests within. Safety.
With you. Yourself. Trust yourself.
Step by step you discover more.
The inside opens up.
Growing towards you, it seeks the same.
Straight and yet so soft, it rests gently in your hand.
Stones fascinate me. Every little part of them is unique and an embodiment for unswayable nature. A human being can shape a stone but not fabricate one. The material stone has something majestic. It is a hard-bitten material, heavy, stable but also light and fragile. Stonecutting takes a lot of time and patience and resembles a meditation. It is as if the stone keeps the eternity within itself to thwart the fast pace of our time.