Gigi Mariani, 2011, Italy


It is more than twenty five years now that I have been a goldsmith in Modena, Italy. Since I was a young man, I’ve been interested and attracted to metals and it’s infinite potential, especially that of overlapping, oxidation, and sequences of layers. In my work, I try to transfer every day emotions into contemporary jewelry and unique pieces in a simple, informal and spontaneous way. This allows me to develop new situations and the art appreciators can derive feelings from these situations. My goal is to move from the concept of simple jewelry, to a larger concept of sculpture and art piece.

I use antique and unique goldsmith techniques, such as NIELLO and GRANULATION, personalizing them in order to distinguish my work from others.  I work with precious metals combining them with other metals such as iron, copper and brass. My jewelry is usually finished by material textured, which hides to the naked eye the precious metals. As a painter uses his canvas to express his or her feelings, I use my jewelry as base for expressing mine.

Sidabras, auksas, oksidacija, lavos akmuo