Fabiana Fusco, 2022, Italy

Mother and child; Save me; Walking on the death

Over the years I have arrived at what best represents me: the human figure in movement that suggests and evokes moments and emotions in an ideal world that rests delicately on the neck, wraps gently your fingers or whispers in your ears or that, most in the last years, tells and complaint what happens now a days. I tell, through jewels, what touches my heart without compromising with fashion or market demands, only my bare soul, my point of view on the world around me, my voice that scream or whisper disappoint, joy, sadness.

The necklace tell the story of the migrants that lost their life crossing the sea searching for a better place to live, a new life.

People fleeing on boats looking for freedom they couldn’t find in their country are waiting for a safe hand.

After the lockdown people start to get closer finally step after step they embrace each other.

This piece was specially designed after had reading the theme of the 6th biennial.
Memory of place in this specific moment is also represented by the hundreds mum with their children that run away from Ukraine war trying to carry with them their life, memories, home like a slug with its house.