Dovilė Bernadišiūtė, 2022, Lithuania / Sweden

Wearing space

This selection of brooches is from my ongoing series of brooches called “Wearing Space” which reflects transitional spaces/transit locations such as underground stations and bus stops, airports, doorsteps, etc., designed to be passed through on the way from one place to another. Each piece is an imprint of an architectural fragment. The works explore the remains of our existence embedded in the environment, the reflections of buildings in us. What does the memory of texture mean to us? Brooches are impressions of external surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors cast from glass. I am fascinated by the tense opposition between the physical and spiritual worlds. I bring jewellery into the transitional space, thus approaching jewellery as a transitional object. I want to grace these spaces, celebrate them and bring them back to the human body. The brooches act as soothing, comforting objects, as reminders and souvenirs of the space and time we live in.