Invitation to Present Your Work at the Biennale

To cover the widest possible horizon of metal and jewellery, the theme of the Biennale and the creativity of the authors, we invite the artists to present their works at the Biennale.

The exhibition of the Seventh International Biennial of Jewellery and Metal Art, METALOPHONE, will be presented from 30 October 2024 to 28 February 2025 at the Museum of Applied Arts.

The theme of the 7th International Biennial of Contemporary Jewellery and Metal Art METALLOphone 2024 is DON’T TELL ME STORIES. Sounds paradoxical — aren’t we encouraged to create and tell stories at every opportunity? Aren’t we saying that there is a story behind every object or phenomenon? But at the same time, don’t we feel an influx of stories, or rather a flood of stories? Words are needed when they add value, when they reveal, name, shape. But when words flood in like a tsunami, there is a real danger of drowning.

There is a huge difference between a story that enriches the perception and an artificial narrative that is covered with a string of empty words. In jewellery, there are many things that in themselves create value and experience. Minerals and stones, materials that want body and touch, natural and man-made shapes that attract the eye and do not ask for explanations. That’s why the Biennale asks — don’t tell stories that mean nothing. Tell what really matters, show what is necessary and what you feel immediately, what you want to touch, to experience and not to understand. Talk about what is behind the stories.

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I. Terms and Conditions

  • Participation is open only to authors residing in the European Union area.
  • The author may present 1-5 works.
  • All works must be created in 2022-2024 and not exhibited in Lithuania.
  • The artist may have his/her own approach to the theme of the Biennale. Metal can exist in the work in any form acceptable to the author.
  • The dimensions of each work must not exceed 50 ✕ 25 cm and the weight must not exceed 2 kilograms.
  • Wishing to participate author must submit the following information by 20 August 2024 to
  • a completed questionnaire (MS Word)
  • pictures of the works attached to the letter (up to 2 MB, in JPG or PNG format). The file names of the pictures must be clear and logic.
    For example:


II. Selection

  • By 1 September 2024, we will select works that meet the theme of the Biennale and the criteria of modernity, artistry and conceptuality.
  • By 10 September 2024, we will inform only the authors of the selected works about the presentation of the works in the Biennale.
  • By 30 September 2024, the selected authors will be required to send the proposed works in suitable and secure packaging that ensures the safety of the work and is suitable for use in the return of the works to the author.
  • The printed and completed author’s questionnaire must be added to the package.
    The address for sending the works:
    Jurgita Ludaviciene (+370-687-76178),
    Arsenalo st. 3a, Vilnius,
    Lithuania, LT-01143

III. Exhibiting, Liability and Return of Works

The Biennale’s main exhibition is scheduled to open on 30 October 2024 and will remain on display until 28 February 2025. The exhibited works will be sent to the authors by 15 March 2025.

The Organisers are responsible for the works from the moment of their receipt until they are sent back to the creator. Damage to or loss of the works during shipment is the responsibility of the author and/or the shipping company (subject to its internal rules).

IV. In Case of Questions or Assistance

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact