Anu Kirkinen, 2022, Finland

End of story

“Karjala (Karelian)” is a place for me told by stories. My grandparents (as well as my parents) had to escape from their home because of the war.
This memory of a place is more than a place. It is a heritage of mine.
This pendant resemble disapearanceof the lost home and also end of my roots.

From serie “Nature around you”
“Forest is a shelter. A place where you are on your own. Place without limits and rules except the respect towards all the living.”

“Memory of places”
There are two things. My roots from Karelia and the forest.
The other one is built by the vision from the past, from the stories I’ve heard and the photos I’ve seen. The other one gave me the shelter, freedom and peace.
My place. My identity.